He asked for your sword, Tsukiyama, knock it off with the creepy face

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Just imagine Ciel in his room and he’s really bored so he decides to act all badass and pretend he’s killing people himself and he’s just like:



A black butler skit
Ciel - Brina Palecina
Sebastian - Micheal j tatum

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where do i sign up to become an amazon

where do i sign up to date one

And there is another American profession that has a significantly more alarming problem with domestic abuse. I’d urge everyone who believes in zero tolerance for NFL employees caught beating their wives or girlfriends to direct as much attention—or ideally, even more attention—at police officers who assault their partners. Several studies have found that the romantic partners of police officers suffer domestic abuse at rates significantly higher than the general population. And while all partner abuse is unacceptable, it is especially problematic when domestic abusers are literally the people that battered and abused women are supposed to call for help.


destroy this new idea that a woman can’t be strong if she cries over a man she’s lost. destroy the idea that you have to be cold and emotionally detached in order to be a strong woman


Dorito face Sousuke is too big for shota boy Ai

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Album art
  • Artist: Panic!, fun.
  • Album: C'mon - Single
  • Track: C'mon

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white hair

half ghoul

makes a man go-

Tres bien!